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New Estonian Government: What happened and what to expect?

Date and Time

16 February 2021 / 09:00 - 10:00






Kairi Uustulnd
Esa Suominen

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New Estonian Government: What happened and what to expect?

Join us online for an update on the new developments in Estonia. Two weeks ago the ruling coalition of Estonian Centre Party, nationalist-populist EKRE and centre-right Pro Patria fell apart in a corruption scandal including the Centre party, and Prime Minister Jüri Ratas was forced to resign. A new Government was soon sworn in, with liberal Reform Party entering power with Kaja Kallas as new Prime Minister.

How did this situation develop and why did the Government fall? What changes in Estonian politics now with populist EKRE out and liberal Reformierakond in? How will the polls develop and people react to the swift changes in leadership in the middle of COVID-19 crisis which has hit Estonia hard? What has the new government already started on that will change the policies made by the previous coalition? What to expect from the future?

Join for talks with Managing Director Kairi Uustulnd of Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Estonia, interviewed by Esa Suominen, Managing Partner of Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Finland. Questions and comments welcome. Tere Tulemast!

Organized by Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Finland in conjunction with Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Estonia.



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