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Blue Deal Debate #6: Global Seafood Companies and Ocean Sustainability

Date and Time

23 June 2020 / 13:00 - 14:00




Blue Deal, Environment, EU


Darian McBain
Will McCallum
Chris Davies

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Blue Deal Debate #6: Global Seafood Companies and Ocean Sustainability

In this Blue Deal Debate, we ask: “Could the global seafood companies do more to promote ocean sustainability?”. Maruha Nichiro, Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Thai Union – why have we never heard of the companies that hold the future of our oceans in their hands? The world’s top ten seafood businesses have a combined turnover of $35 billion. What’s on their menu?Chris Davies is joined by Darian McBain, Global Director Sustainability at Thai Union Group PCL. and Greenpeace UK’s Head of Oceans Will McCallum.

Hosted by former chair of the European Parliament’s fisheries committee, Chris Davies, the Blue Deal Debate series bring together policymakers, industry representatives and NGOs to explore pressing issues about the environmental state of our seas and future prospects for the fishing industry. These fortnightly virtual debates will aim to give a voice to all stakeholders, making the case for the European Green Deal to be paralleled by a blue equivalent.


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