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Bridging Inequalities in the EU: Addressing Post-COVID Challenges in Cancer Prevention in Central and Eastern Europe

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25 October 2021 / 12:30 - 14:00





Bridging Inequalities in the EU: Addressing Post-COVID Challenges in Cancer Prevention in Central and Eastern Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic has put severe pressure on healthcare systems across the European Union. Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) countries have been particularly badly affected by the crisis with the dramatic increase in healthcare demand and resources for COVID-19 having a severe impact on the health outcomes compared to Western European countries.

There is growing evidence that increased cancer mortality is linked to the suspension of cancer screening programs, late diagnosis as well as delayed treatment. Disruption caused by COVID-19 has led to lower vaccination rates, further undermining cancer prevention efforts.

About 40% of cancers in Europe have preventable causes, which is one of the reasons prevention is a key pillar of the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan. The plan supports EU countries’ efforts to extend routine vaccination against human papillomaviruses (HPV) as well as screening and care to eliminate cervical and other related cancers.

This webinar will address these and other questions:

1) What needs to be done at the local level to ensure efficient implementation of the EU Beating Cancer strategy? What is the role of the National Cancer Control Plans?

2) How can the EU help countries to meet targets for cancer prevention set in the EU Beating Cancer plan? What programs, measures and financial instruments are available to help?


Moderated by Simon Taylor, Associate Director at Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, you will hear from:

  • Philippe Roux, Head of Unit – Health information and integration in all policies at DG SANTE, European Commission
  • Mike Morrissey, Chief Executive of European Cancer Organisation
  • Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu, Romanian Secretary in the Commission for Health and Family within the Chamber of Deputies and former Health Minister
  • William Flanagan, Director, OpenSky Data Systems Consultancy


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