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Sweden’s 2021-2025 Defence Bill: Why the large increase in defence spending?

Date and Time

16 November 2020 / 13:00 - 14:00






Pål Jonson
Kalle Olsson
Marika Griehsel

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Sweden’s 2021-2025 Defence Bill: Why the large increase in defence spending?

On 16 October, the Swedish Government submitted its Total Defence Bill to the Parliament for a decision in December. The bill is agreed between the Social Democrats, the Green Party, the Centre Party and the Liberals, based on last year’s proposal by an all-party defence commission.

The annual budget is to be strongly increased, reaching about SEK 90 billion by 2025, compared to SEK 60 billion this year. For example, several disbanded regiments are to be re-established, the number of conscripts, primarily in the army, will increase to 8,000 a year, equipment will be added and civilian defence is to be broadly restored.

Will this be adequate and enough for Sweden to defend itself against today’s threats? What choices and priorities have been made? Can there be further changes in the Parliament’s decision? What are the challenges for the Armed Forces and others in implementing these decisions?

These key issues was discussed at the webinar 16 November. The webinar was held in English.



Pål Jonson (M)

Moderate Party, Chairperson of the parliamentary Defence Committee, member of the Defence Commission


Kalle Olsson (S)

Social Democrats, Member of the parliamentary Defence Committee


Marika Griehsel

Journalist & Moderator

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