Pollster US 2020 Election

The Pollster US 2020 Election series is a political podcast dissecting the red and blue strategies behind the 2020 US election in the weeks leading up to and after 3 November.

The Hosts

Sune Steffen Hansen | Denmark, EU

  • Co-host of the political podcast Pollster in Danish.
  • Partner and Public Affairs Director at Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Denmark.
  • Former political advisor for the Social Democratic Party in the Danish Parliament.

Chip Felkel | Republican – South Carolina, USA

  • CEO of Felkel Group and co-creator of RAP Index.
  • Veteran public and political affairs strategist to C-suite decision-makers of Fortune 500’s, privately held companies, and national organizations.
  • Served in strategic roles with Bush-Quayle ‘88, Bush-Cheney 2000 and 2004 and hundreds of races while at the RNC and SC GOP.

Jim Arkedis | Democrat – Washington D.C., USA

  • Co-founder of Electica, the first TransAtlantic digital political consulting firm.
  • In the 2020 US election, Jim consults on research and messaging with the Strategic Victory Fund, an independent organization supporting Joe Biden and the Democrats in key battleground states.

Podcast Episodes